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Seeing FC Barcelona on their home turf is a must-do for any football fan heading to the Catalan capital. There you’ll feel the passion of the local crowd and the excitement generated by another dazzling display of footballing prowess by Messi. It’s an experience you simply shouldn’t miss.

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24 Feb 2018 2018-2-24
FC Barcelona vs Girona in La Liga
La Liga
4 Mar 2018 2018-3-4
FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid in La Liga
La Liga
14 Mar 2018 2018-3-14
FC Barcelona vs Chelsea in Champions League
Champions League
17/18 Mar 2018 2018-3-17/18
FC Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao in La Liga
La Liga
7/8 Apr 2018 2018-4-7/8
FC Barcelona vs Leganes in La Liga
La Liga
14/15 Apr 2018 2018-4-14/15
FC Barcelona vs Valencia in La Liga
La Liga
21 Apr 2018 2018-4-21
FC Barcelona vs Sevilla in Copa del Rey
Copa del Rey
9 May 2018 2018-5-9
FC Barcelona vs Villareal in La Liga
La Liga
5/6 May 2018 2018-5-5/6
FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid in La Liga
La Liga
19/20 May 2018 2018-5-19/20
FC Barcelona vs Real Sociedad in La Liga
La Liga

Watching Barcelona at their best is truly an exhilarating experience. And wait until you experience the thrill of seeing your first ever goal at Camp Nou and the crowd goes into overdrive.

Johan Cruyff and the Dream Team

Barcelona’s fast-paced style of play is a legacy of when Johan Cruyff managed the team. After spending a number of years at the club as a player in the 1970s, he rejoined as manager in 1988 and went about creating what was to become known as the Dream Team. Among the players in his squad was Pep Guardiola, a product of FC Barcelona’s youth training program, often called La Masia.

Cruyff joined at a critical time for Barcelona. The club was performing poorly and struggling with debt. Morale was low, match attendances were falling and at that stage the club had never won the European Cup (renamed Champions League in 1992). He overhauled the squad and introduced  a fast style of play to the main squad and youth teams so they could easily step into the main squad when required.

This new style was based on Cruyff ‘s experience of “total football” when playing for Ajax in the 1970s. The big idea of total football is that when a player moves out of position the formation of the team is retained by another player moves into his vacant position.

Soon Cruyff’s Dream Team was getting results. And as well as winning the Spanish League on numerous occasions throughout the 1990s the Dream Team also managed a first for the club. In 1992 FC Barcelona won the European Cup for the first time.

The start of Barça’s new golden age

While Cruyff turned the fortunes of the club around, the true golden age of Barça began in 2003 when Joan Laporta became club president. Once again the club had been going through a bad patch and Laporta brought in a young, dynamic management team.

Laporta brought in Frank Rijkaard as coach and signed Ronaldinho, but when things didn’t immediately improve there were calls for his head. However, halfway through the season things started to get better for Barça and morale in the squad had clearly improved. Ronaldinho was a joy to watch as the club continued to develop its distinctive style of play based on total football and later called “tiki-taka”.

The following two seasons (2004/05 and 2005/06) Barcelona won the Spanish League as well as winning the 2006 Champions League title. This period also saw Lionel Messi promoted to the main team, along side teammates such as Carles Puyol, Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernadez and Gerard Pique.

Rijkaard was eventually sacked after a dip in form leading to the appointment of Pep Guardiola as coach in 2008. Although Guardiola was relatively inexperienced, his first season in charge saw Barcelona not only win the treble – La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League – but also go on to win the Spanish Supercup, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup.

Under Guardiola the club again won the Champions League in 2011 but after a number of poor performances the following season he quit the club at the end of 2012. He was replaced by his assistant, Tito Vilanova. While the team had an amazing run in the Spanish League that season, Vilanova was forced to quit in 2013. He had previously suffered throat cancer and it had returned. He sadly passed away in 2014.

His replacement was the hurriedly-signed Gerardo ‘Tata¡ Martino from Argentina, but his relative lack of success meant he lasted a single season. So in 2014 the club announced it had signed Luis Enrique to coach the squad. He had previously played for FC Barcelona alongside Guardiola, as well as arch-rivals Real Madrid.

Under Enrique the club added the 2014/15 and 2015/16 Spanish League and the 2014/15 Champions League titles to its long list of successes.

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