Countdown to la liga

Thanks for all the positive feedback on my last 2 emails, it sounds like you’re even more excited than me about the new season and now I can confirm we’ll have the fixture list later this week!!!!! (Keep reading for details).

In my first email I talked about the excitement of watching FC Barcelona play at the Nou Camp, the atmosphere in the stadium and the first time I went to see them play live.

I followed that up with a second email in which I answered some of your main questions raised in the recent questionnaire (although a couple of people even asked if the weather would be good!).

Since my last email I’ve had more questions and comments and while covering some of the same ground I went over before, I think they are worth going over again now.


The first thing to go over is prices, which we should have shortly after the fixture list is drawn, either on Thursday afternoon/evening or Friday, but once we know I’ll send an email out with details of how to order.

Adults and children pay the same price, but kids up to the age of 6 can enter for free, provided they don’t need a seat.

I’ve been to matches when a whole load of children have been taken to a match for a birthday treat or something, and it really is considered family entertainment in Spain, there is no trouble at matches and the locals will accept you watching Barça play no problems.


I also had some questions about ticket delivery. The club supplies the tickets during the week of the match, leaving it too late to be able to post tickets to you, so we offer the alternatives of collecting from a collection point in central Barcelona, or to have your tickets delivered to your hotel.

Hotels are used to having tickets delivered and you’ll have a phone number in case you need to make contact while in Barcelona. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver to private properties as it can be difficult to gain access to apartment buildings and can’t specify a delivery time in advance anyway.

Match dates

The last big question I’d like to cover again is about confirmation of date and time.

This is a massive issue for people and it came up time and time again in the questionnaire.

Dates are now confirmed around three weeks before a match, but not always. Your best option is to stay on Saturday and Sunday night so you can be sure of watching the match, assuming it’s a weekend match. Midweek matches can be on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, so you’ll need to be in Barcelona for those three evenings.

It is a real problem trying to plan around this and explains why so few supporters in Spain travel to away matches. They can’t book a cheap flight and hotel for one night as they can’t be sure which night the match will be played. I hope the Spanish football association sorts this out some time, but I have no real confidence they will.

I really hope this helps and you are already looking forward to being at the Nou Camp to see Messi (or any other player) score with your own eyes. The ambience in the Nou Camp is something no football lover wants to miss as the star players perform their magic and there are those special moments when you can feel the roar of the crowd as much as hear it.

My next email will be the big one, when we have the fixture list and prices on the website, so if you’re serious about seeing FC Barcelona play next season make sure you keep an eye on your inbox. The draw takes place on Thursday, so you should expect to hear from me on Thursday PM or Friday.

Anyone planning on buying VIP tickets in particular should be aware that we have just a handful of VIP Gold seats and there are a limited number of VIP Silver tickets.

For matches like the clasico these will probably sell out within days, so grab them while they are available.

Speak soon,

Simply Barcelona Tickets

PS What are your thoughts on the new look Barça? Good, bad or indifferent, let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.