Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question regarding FC Barcelona Tickets it’s probably been asked before, which means you can get the answer faster than by email.

Please take a look through our FAQ below and if your question remains unanswered then contact and we’ll respond by email within 48 hours.


Q. Do you guarantee that my tickets will be seated together?

A. Seats will be provided together in pairs for category C and D games, either side by side or one in front of another. However, while we always endeavour to supply tickets together, it may not be possible.


Q. I’ve ordered tickets, but can you let me know what time kickoff is?

A. The time and date of the match are only decided by the club a week before it takes place, at which point we will email you with full details. If the match is on a Saturday kickoff will usually be between 20:00 and 22:00 or 19:00 on Sunday.


Q. I’m interested in a match but notice that the match date may change from Sunday to Saturday (or Wednesday to Tuesday or Thursday). What do you think are the chances of this particular match being changed?

A. We won’t know until the week before. It mainly depends on television and other competitions, but ultimately is down to the club to decide.


Q. Can you send tickets to my home address?

A. We would love to, but FC Barcelona only provides tickets to us a few days before the match making it impractical to do so. We therefore give you the choice of receiving the tickets at your hotel or collecting them yourself in Barcelona.


Q. If I choose to collect my tickets where do I need to go?

A. You can collect your tickets from Travel Connection Barcelona, located at Carrer Bruc 39, 08010 Barcelona. Office hours are 10:00-18:00 Monday-Friday and 10:00-16:00 on match day (Saturday OR Sunday) for weekend matches. We’ll remind you of these details and provide you with a contact phone number shortly before you travel.


Q. Do children get a discount?

A. Unfortunately children of any age must pay full price.


Q. When can I take the Stadium Tour?

A. The stadium tour is open Monday-Saturday all day and on Sunday mornings. Please note that on match days you can only access the museum due to preparations in the stadium itself.


Q. I’ve ordered tickets for the match in 2 weeks but still haven’t heard anything from you. When will I receive these details?

A. Don’t worry, we don’t contact clients until a few days before the match, Once we know the kickoff date and time we’ll send you these details as well as provide a contact phone number in Barcelona, details of how to get to the office and a whole host of other useful information.


Q. I want to make sure I don’t miss Barcelona play next season. When is the fixture list published?

A. The fixtures are drawn at the end of July and if you sign up for our newsletter we will send you details as soon as they are announced.


Q. I’m thinking of booking an apartment in Barcelona, but notice that you only deliver to hotels – why is this?

A. Because the tickets need to be signed for both the client and courier would need to meet at a convenient time. This hasn’t proved practical to do and so clients who are staying in an apartment must collect their tickets from the office in central Barcelona.