FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid fixtures

Atletico Madrid logoMadrid’s second team is Atletico Madrid, known by their fans as “los Colchoneros” or the the mattress makers and is has the third largest fan base in Spanish football behind Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Although FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid fixtures are not as popular as “el clasico”, the team has seen something of a revival in the 2013-2014 season after beating Real Madrid in both the 2013 Copa del Rey.

About Atletico Madrid

The club was founded in 1903 by three Madrid based Basque students as Athletic Club de Madrid. Seeing the team as a youth branch for their  own team, Athletic Bilbao, they originally played in the same blue and white kit as Athletic Bilbao only changing to their current colours in 1911.

Recent & forthcoming FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid fixtures

14 Oct 2017-10-14Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona in La Liga1-1
4 Mar 2018-3-4FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid in La Liga

Atletico’s kit is comprised of a shirt with red and white vertical stripes, blue shorts and blue and red socks and their nickname is said to derive from the shirt colours reminding supporters of old-fashioned mattresses.

While some say that the red and white stripes were adopted because they were made from leftovers from the fabric used to make mattresses and therefore cheaper, it is more likely that the switch was made for a different reason.

Both Athletic Bilbao and Athletic Madrid bought the blue and white kit of Blackburn Rovers but on a 1911 trip to England the Blackburn Rovers kit was unavailable and so Southampton FC shirts were bought instead, combined with the Blackburn Rovers shorts in blue.

During the Spanish Civil War the club lost eight players so when La Liga restarted in 1939 the club merged with Aviación Nacional of Zaragoza, founded by Spanish Air Force members, and became Athletic Aviación de Madrid until 1947, when it abandoned the military connections (and anglicised spelling) to become Club Atlético de Madrid.

During the early Franco dictatorship Atletico was the establishment club but with Real Madrid’s rise in stature official support shifted away from them in the 1950s

Vicente Calderon stadium

Atletico Madrid has played at the Estadio Vicente Calderón stadium since 1966 and was refurbished for the 1982 World Cup hosted by Spain. Current capacity is just short of 55,000 spectators but the team is due to move to the 70,000 seater Estadio La Peineta in 2016, currently being reconstructed for the club.

FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid: recent & forthcoming fixtures

14 Oct 2017-10-14Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona in La Liga1-1
4 Mar 2018-3-4FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid in La Liga

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