FC Barcelona vs Espanyol fixtures

170px-Rcd_espanyol_logo.svg[1]Barcelona’s second team is RCD Espanyol and while the two clubs share a rivalry, FC Barcelona vs Espanyol fixtures are not as intense as “el clasico” can be.

The Barcelona Derby tends to be fairly well attended but has neither the international prestige nor the capacity crowds of “el clasico” and hostility between supporters is generally low key.

About RCD Espanyol

The club’s name derives from the fact that it was the first football club in Spain to be formed exclusively by Spaniards, with clubs such as FC Barcelona and Real Madrid all being formed by foreigners, and there is a section of its supporters today that are anti-Catalan.

Recent & forthcoming FC Barcelona vs RCD Espanyol fixtures

The club was founded in 1900 as Sociedad Española de Football and while it enjoyed some initial success it went bust in 1906, playing in yellow shirts made from leftovers from the founder’s textile business. The club was relaunched in 1909 as Club Español de Fútbol and a year later adopted the blue and white striped shirts it wears today, which are also seen on the club crest.

In 1912 the club became known as Real Club Deportivo Español after receiving royal patronage from Alfonso XIII (“Real” is Spanish for “Royal”), just one of a number of clubs the King favoured, the most famous one today being Real Madrid.

However, when the King abdicated and the Second Republic came into being the club took the name Club Esportiu Espanyol, dropping the Royal reference and changing its name to Catalan. Following the Spanish Civil War though the name changed back to Real Club Deportivo Español as the country again had a king, while the Catalan language was banned under Franco’s dictatorship.

The club’s current name, Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol de Barcelona, was adopted in 1995 and is in Catalan but with one curiosity; rather than use the Catalan word for “sport”, Esportiu, which had been used during the Second Republic the club decided to use a Catalanised version of the Castilian word “deportivo” in order to retain the initials RCD in the club’s name.

RCD Espanyol is one of the founding members of La Liga, the Spanish League, which dates from 1929 and has the dubious distinction of competing in La Liga for the highest number of seasons without winning the title once.

Although they have never won the Spanish League title, they have been runners up twice in the UEFA Cup, win the Copa del Rey four times. They also won the Campionat de Catalunya, which pre-dated La Liga, a number of times and the Copa de Catalunya several times since its introduction, although the only real competition is with FC Barcelona.

Cornellà-El Prat stadium

Espanyol currently plays at the Estadi Cornellà-El Prat into which it moved in 2009 and can seat 40,500 spectators.

The stadium is a few kilometres from the city of Barcelona, where they previously played at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys on the hill of Montjuic and which hosted the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Prior to that they were based at the Estadi de Sarrià from 1922, which was used for a number of matches during the 1982 World Cup held in Spain.

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