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Malaga CF logoMalaga has a rocky history as a football club, with financial crises and name changes along the way.

Since the 1999/2000 season the club has remained in the top division with the exception of two seasons covering the period 2006 until 2008 and in the 2011/2012 season finished in the number 4 spot, their best ever season finish.

About Malaga CF

Malaga Football Club was founded in 1904, born out of a number of local clubs, going under a number of slight variations and at one point settling on FC Malagueño for several years.

Recent & forthcoming FC Barcelona vs Malaga fixtures

21 Oct 2017-10-21FC Barcelona vs Malaga in La Liga2-0
11 Mar 2018-3-11Malaga vs FC Barcelona in La Liga

However, a split within FC Malagueño saw the establishment of a rival club in 1915, which was named Malaga FC, in 1927 became Real Malaga and then in 1931 Malaga Sport Club before merging with FC Malagueño again in 1933 to become Club Deportivo Malacitano.

After the civil war, in 1941, the club again changed its name, this time to Club Deportivo Malaga, while in 1948 the club took over the rights to another local club as a B-team and renamed it Club Atletico Malagueño, reviving an old name.

However, when CD Malaga found itself relegated to the third division there was a problem, as an A and B-team are not allowed to compete in the same division. Rather than see CA Malagueño relegated, the team instead split from CD Malaga to form an independent club.

In 1992 CD Malaga folded due to financial problems, while CA Malagueño carried on. Finally in 1994, following a vote by its members, the club was renamed Malaga Club de Futbol and completing the circle.

The club again suffered a financial crisis in the first decade of the new century and looked in danger of collapse. Finally, in 2010, a Qatari investor stepped in to buy the club and save the Malaga name once more.

La Rosaleda stadium

Malaga has played at the 29,500 seater Estadio La Rosaleda in Malaga since 1941, although the stadium has been renovated to bring it up to modern standards with refurbishments beginning in 2000 and completed during 2006. The stadium was used in the 1982 FIFA World Cup held in Spain, hosting three matches for the tournament and is also sometimes used for concerts.

The stadium has been owned in equal shares by the municipal, provincial and regional governments since being expropriated from the club due to financial problems that were finally resolved in 2010 when the club was bought by a Qatari investor.

FC Barcelona vs Malaga: recent & forthcoming fixtures

21 Oct 2017-10-21FC Barcelona vs Malaga in La Liga2-0
11 Mar 2018-3-11Malaga vs FC Barcelona in La Liga

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