Barça outguns Arsenal

March 17, 2016

After their 2-0 defeat of Arsenal in the away leg FC Barcelona was almost assured of a place in the Champions League final. But last night it wasn’t just the London club the squad was faced with. As a spectator rain the the Nou Camp can make the experience pretty miserable. Until the stadium is upgraded too few seats are under cover. But if the players suffered it had little impact on the result with a goal from each of Barcelona’s trident of strikers.

Messi had a great chance to score sixteen minutes into the match when he shot from the centre of the box, but the ball ricocheted off the keeper. A minute later though Suarez helped Neymar score the opener. Although Barcelona dominated possession Arsenal were still in the match to turn the result on its head. However they were unable to finish and going into the break the Catalans remained a single goal ahead.

The second half was five minutes old when Elneny equalised thanks to an assist by ex-Barça player Alexis Sanchez. It took a while for Barça to find their response, but finally in the 64th minute Dani Alves passed the ball to Suarez in the centre of the box. Suarez volleyed the ball and, absurdly, put it into the back of the net. No one, least of all Suarez, could have reasonably expected the ball to go in.

Now 2-1 ahead the job was pretty much done, but all the same Barcelona kept on fighting for another goal. Finally it happened in the 87th minute when Messi fired the ball into the net from the centre of the box. It was all over.

1-0 Neymar (min 17)
1-1 Elneny (min 50)
2-1 Suárez (min 64)
3-1 Messi (min 87)

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