Barcelona draws

April 14, 2008

Despite being just outside the relegation zone, Recreativo managed to tie 2-2 with Barcelona on Saturday night. For a moment it looked as if Barcelona were on top form, when Samuel Eto’o stormed ahead and scored in the second minute. However, the pace settled down and it was clear that Barcelona’s problems are still not behind them.

Whatever the result, it was clear that even allowing for bad luck Barça were not on form. Carlos Marcos’ goal in the 41st minute was clearly saved by Victor Valdes in the playback, but that is the nature of football. And when Eto’o scored again in the 46th minute it looked as if Barcelona might be able to take the three points. Recreativo weren’t going to allow it though at Marcos again scored, this time in the 71st minute.

Although not on top of their game it was noticeable that Eto’o is being highly supportive of Frank Rijkaard. While Rijkaard must be finding life tough at the moment, it must do him some good to know that somewhere he has some support.

Barcelona are currently 9 points behind Real Madrid and just 1 ahead of Villarreal.

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