Barcelona though to Copa del Rey final

March 5, 2015

Two goals from Neymar and one from Suarez last night helped put Barcelona through the final of the Copa del Rey on 30th May. Neymar opened the scoring just two minutes in when a cross from Messi reached him and he put it into the Villarreal goal. However, despite a fast start it didn’t all go Barcelona’s way in the first half and the hosts put on a determined effort to keep in the fight and came close to scoring several times. Finally, seven minutes before the break, Dos Santos scored the equaliser for Villarreal.

The second half saw Villarreal come back on still fighting but twenty minutes in, having been unable to score again, Pina was shown a red card for a hard tackle on Neymar. Soon after the Catalans went ahead again, when Suarez scored off a Mascherano assist. The final goal of the night came with two minutes to spare when a Neymar header off Xavi’s pass went into the net.

Barcelona will face Athletic Bilbao in the final on 30th May.

0-1 Neymar (min 2)
1-1 Jonathan dos Santos (min 38)
1-2 Suárez (min 73)
1-3 Neymar (min 88)

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