One down – two to go

May 14, 2009

Last night saw FC Barcelona pitched against Athletic Club de Bilbao in the Copa del Rey – the King’s Cup – played in Valencia between the two teams that have won the trophy more times than anyone else.

Played in front of King Juan Carlos, this match was always going to be interesting as the teams represent “the other Spain” in the form of Catalonia and The Basque Country, nations that have their own culture, traditions and languages of which they are fiercely proud – when the Spanish National anthem was played before the match, it was to the accompaniment of whistling and booing.

Barça were the clear favourites, with Athletic having little real hope of taking the trophy. However, the match was extremely good natured from both players and spectators, with everyone there to enjoy themselves.

This victory was the 25th Copa del Rey title for Barcelona, and after the match the squad replaced their shirts with one that stated “Rei de Copes” and “25” on the back – “King of Cups” in Catalan.

1-0, Toquero (min 9)
1-1, Touré Yaya (min 32)
1-2, Messi (min 54)
1-3, Bojan (min 57)
1-4, Xavi (min 64)

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