FC Barcelona fixtures: August 2012

August 1, 2012

Barcelona has a number of friendly fixtures lined up for August prior to the football getting serious again. And when it does, it gets really serious; two matches against Real Madrid in the Spanish Supercup.

Below is listed all matches currently scheduled for August, bearing in mind that league match dates may not be confirmed until a week before they take place.

Tickets for any of the home matches below can be ordered from Simply Barcelona Tickets, as well as the away leg of the Spanish Supercup on 30th August.

4 Aug Paris Sant-Germain v Barcelona
8 Aug Manchester United v Barcelona
11 Aug Dinamo v Barcelona
18/19 Aug Barcelona v Real Sociedad
20 Aug Barcelona v Sampdoria
23 Aug Barcelona v Real Madrid
25/26 Aug Osasuna v Barcelona
30 Aug Real Madrid v Barcelona

For all other matches in the forthcoming season, please see the homepage.

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