Match against Athletic Bilbao moved – again

April 11, 2014

The match between FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao, originally scheduled for the weekend of 19/20 April but later moved to 6 May has now been confirmed for 20th April at 21:00.

The original decision, made by Spain’s football association, was made in order to free up the schedule so that Barça could play in the Champions League semi-final. Given that they are no longer in the competition the match has been moved forward to the weekend it was originally scheduled.

This kind of meddling happens far to often in Spanish football and shows just how out of touch those running the sport at the highest level are. Until recently match dates were fixed a week before they took place, allowing little time for anyone wishing to travel to see their team to find transport and accommodation. Certainly they are unable to benefit from discounts from booking early.

This takes a certain kind of arrogance. Those who are running the sport are doing it purely out of self interest, which is far too often the case in Spain at a high level.


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