Camp Nou to take part in Catalan pro-independence rally

September 6, 2013

A human chain that is planned to extend 400 kilometres from the top to the bottom of Catalonia in support of Catalan independence will pass through the Nou Camp next Wednesday.

The event takes place on 11th September, celebrated in the region as the “diada de Catalunya” or Catalonia Day. Catalonia is among the richest regions in Spain, but is widely despised by much of the rest of Spain, and currently has grievances with the Madrid government over funding.

During the Franco era the Catalan language and culture was banned, and while these days things are much freer, there are many in Spain who would happily do away with the language. All these things taken together have seen a surge in support for independence, with 11th September last year seeing 1.5 to 2 million people taking part in a march in Barcelona that made headlines worldwide.

The chain will be allowed to enter through one entrance, along the terraces and out another, but will not be allowed onto the turf. However, having FC Barcelona as a high profile sponsor of the rally is likely to help publicise it across the globe.

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