Change in Nou Camp’s entrance policy for children under 7 years

October 16, 2013

FC Barcelona’s policy until now has been to allow entry to the Nou Camp for children under the age of seven years for free, provided they did not require a seat.

However, it was announced yesterday that due to the large number of this age group now attending matches with their parents there was a danger of more people attending matches than its capacity allows. Spanish law actually states that all attendees to a football match must have numbered seats, but this must be a blow to parents who have been taking their kids along for free until now.

The first match at which the policy change will take place is FC Barcelona versus Real Madrid on 26th October at 18:00. Due to the early start it is feared that in addition to a capacity crowd, up to ten thousand youngsters might attend too.

From this point forward children will be obliged to have a valid ticket, or will be denied access to the stadium, although the club has said it is looking for an alternative to what it admits is an unpopular decision.

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