What now for Samuel Eto’o?

July 11, 2009

With a year left on his contract with Barcelona, the Cameroon star has every reason to be feeling unloved by the club for which he has done so much.

When Pep Guardiola first took over the coaching reigns from Frank Rijkaard he immediately announced that there was no place in his squad for Eto’o and would be sold; with no buyer in sight though, he was forced to eat his words and Eto’o became a consistent fixture in the 2009/10 squad and delivered – he was the second highest scorer in La Liga.

And now Barcelona wants him out to claw back some money in the form of a transfer fee back before his contract expires next year.

While Manchester City looked to be a dead cert for Eto’o, they finally walked away from the negotiating table. It seems that in addition to a big fat salary, Eto’o  also wants a large cut of the £18M transfer fee too, which means it looks like he’ll be in a team that doesn’t want him and he no longer wants to play for.

Is it a case if Eto’o being too greedy?

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