Barcelona demolishes Cordoba in the heat

May 4, 2015

Saturday saw Barcelona face Cordoba in unseasonably hot conditions which plays of both teams struggled to deal with. Although it took almost until the end of the first half for the first goal to be scored, that first goal opened the floodgates for the Catalans.

Rakitic opened the scoring in the 41st minute off a Messi assist, with Luis Suarez scoring his first just before the whistle prior to the break. Back on for the second half though and the home team must have wondered what was happening.

Messi headed the ball into the net for Barcelona’s third almost immediately, followed a few minutes later by goal number four off a Suarez header; eight minutes later it was the turn of Gerard Pique, again with a header. With Barcelona 5-0 ahead it would seem like it would have been job done, but 15 minutes later Messi scored his second of the afternoon. And five minutes later, after Neymar was brought down in the area, he made it seven, with Suarez scoring his hat trick minutes before the final whistle to end the score 8-0.

0-1 Rakitic (min 41)
0-2 Suárez (min 46)
0-3 Messi (min 46)
0-4 Suárez (min 53)
0-5 Piqué (min 65)
0-6 Messi (min 80)
0-7 Neymar (min 85)
0-8 Suárez (min 88)

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