Has Barça given up on La Liga?

April 28, 2008

Barcelona appears to have given up the fight for the league title in favour of concentrating on the Champion League trophy after fielding a second rate team on Saturday night that lost 2-0 to Deportivo. With Messi spotted at the Spanish Grand Prix at Montmelo and first team goalkeeper Victor Valdes among those being rested, Barça struggled to get anywhere. Let’s hope that this strategy pays off, as Barcelona are now fighting for second place in the league and Tuesday is the big decider in Europe against Manchester United.

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  • Issa M. Faraj says:

    Frank Rijkaard lost control of his team by mid season. This is due in part to the controvery generated by the “Ronaldinho Case.” Teams are made up of men with the same tendencies as the general public. When a coach does not take control over one case, the rest will follow the same example and start pulling their own way. Barca gave up the La Liga by losing against Real Madrid 0-1 at Nou Camp. The wheels were turning, but there was really nobody behind the wheel driving this spectacular soccer machine that is Barca.

  • admin says:

    “Teams are made up of men with the same tendencies as the general public”

    I’m not sure what you mean.

    Anyway the season had already gone wrong for Barça before they played Madrid in December. A 0-1 defeat shouldn’t mean the end of the season, one of Barça’s big problems, year after year, is that they often seem to lack the mental discipline to put defeats in the back of their minds.

    As a team they lack the real killer instinct required to win season after season and sometimes it seems as if there are just one or two players on the pitch – there are certainly just a handful of players prepared to give everything; Messi, Bojan, Puyol and Valdes.