Messi snatches victory from Real Madrid

March 12, 2007

Real Madrid’s appearance in the Nou Camp proved to be one of the most exciting matches of the season to date, with Leo Messi scoring a all three of Barcelona´s goals including an equalizer at the 90th minute.

Madrid´s Ruud van Nistelrooy scored in the 5th minute, with Messi equalizing six minutes later. However the cules´ celebration was shortlived when Madrid was awarded a penalty two minutes later, again put into the back of the net by van Nistelrooy. Again Barça kept the pressure on which apid off in the 28th minute when Messi again equalized off a blocked shot from Ronaldinho.

However, things started to look as if they’d go Madrid’s way at the end of the first half when Oleguer received his second yellow card in one of a series of uneven refereeing decisions.

When Ramos scored for Madrid in the 73rd minute it seemed like all was lost. However, Barça continued the attack which paid off in the last minute to give a barely believable 3-3 draw.

With Sevilla losing to Nastic Barcelona are back on top of the league with 50 points.

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