Now that’s more like it – but too late

May 5, 2008

Following Barça’s ejection from Champions League following their defeat by Manchester United and the near certainty of Real Madrid winning the league – which they did last night – the pressure has come right off the squad, although theoretically they should be fighting for second place in the league. During the week we had the news that 10 members of the squad would be put up for sale means that next year the team will look very unfamiliar, surely deflating some fantastically overinflated egos.

So how is it, at the very moment that it doesn’t matter, Barça was able to beat Valencia 6-0?

Valencia certainly have had their share of problems this season, but remember that they managed to knock Barça out of the Copa del Rey.

I ask again; how is it possible for Barcelona to beat Valencia 6-0?

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  • adekite says:

    It’s now very clear that barca is not a real contender both in the la liga and champions league. It’s only a pity that Rijkaard’s reputation is now hanging though, the whole soccer world kows him as a good coach. It’s left for barca (as a whole) to wake up from their slumber!

  • opzy says:

    life they say is a season, but those who believe can achieve it can make it no matter the condition.
    pls don’t give the enemies a room to mock us the are only jealous of our past achievement. if you believe it, we can do it.