Sevilla overcomes early Barça lead to draw

April 13, 2015

Barcelona left Sevilla on Saturday with a single point after a 2-0 advantage in the first half hour was neutralised by the home team.

The match got off to a fast start and both Neymar and Iniesta had a go at opening the scoring until Messi put the ball into the Sevilla net after 13 minutes. With no let up in pace and high possession for the Catalans it seemed only a matter of time before another goal came and soon Barcelona were rewarded. When the goal came it was from Neymar off a free kick to put Barça 2-0 ahead.  However, minutes later Banega scored for the hosts and the scoreline at the break was 2-1.

The second half started with good chances for both Iniesta and Suarez and for a while Barcelona were on the back foot with Sevilla leading the charge. In a last ditch effort to claw back points Sevilla brought on Gameiro in place of Bacca in the 75th minutes. After just seven minutes the substitution paid off when Gameiro scored Sevilla’s second goal in the 82nd minute ending the match in a draw.

0-1 Messi (min 13)
0-2 Neymar (min 30)
1-2 Banega (min 37)
2-2 Gameiro (min 82)

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