The bad news continues: Barça knocked off top spot

May 14, 2007

Barcelona failed to deliver the goods for the second time in 4 days when they were unable to nail what should have been a relatively easy game to win.

Although leading from a fifth minute penalty, Barça were incapable of dominating Betis and the fact that Ronaldinho’s goal came from a penalty is indicative of the state of the attack – although Barcelona was often in possession of the ball its highly paid stars failed to put the ball in the net.

This last week has been hard for supporters of the club after the humiliating defeat by Getafe and the disappointment is showing; when Ronaldinho was changed in the second half he was booed by some areas of the Nou Camp, almost certainly a new experience for him.

That said, Betis were lucky to score in the 89th minute from a quickly taken free kick securing a draw and with it denying a much needed 2 points from Barcelona. That leaves Real Madrid and Barcelona on 66 points, the former in top position due to goal difference.

Last night on Radio Catalunya there was some criticism of the directors saying that they had built up our hopes for a new Dream Team and then failed to act early enough when things started to go wrong. Let’s hope that club president Joan Laporta acts decisively this week to save himself the pain of spending the summer wondering what went wrong.

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