Win against Malaga despite sloppy defence

January 25, 2016

Munir and Messi helped Barcelona to an away win on Saturday that saw them overtake Atletico Madrid at the top of the table. The match saw Messi back after suffering some discomfort in his leg last weekend but Neymar was absent due to injury.

Munir scored the opener after just one minute of play to put the Catalans ahead, but with Malaga giving it their all and some sloppy defence, Juanpi equalised 30 minutes later. It could have been far worse though and the suspended Pique sorely missing. However, some sterling work by Bravo ensured the two sides drawing as they went into the break.

The second half saw Malaga come back on with far less energy, clearly have used up all they had in the first half. And when Messi intercepted a cross from Adriano six minutes after the break Barcelona was soon back in the lead again.

0-1 Munir (min 1)
1-1 Juanpi (min 31)
1-2 Messi (min 51)

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