All over for Barcelona

April 29, 2008

The 1-0 result against Manchester United means that Barcelona is certain to remain with put a trophy this season. Despite playing well for much of the match, the team simply didn’t have the stamina to put the goal in the back of the net, as a 1-1 draw was all they needed.

Manchester played well too, and there is no doubt that they deserve to go through, but this will come as a further blow to Barça which must be planning some big changes over the summer.

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  • Issa M. Faraj says:

    Samuel Eto´o spends more time talking junk than playing soccer. He said some harsh things against his club, when he is the #1 responsible for Barca´s exit. See, he gets paid a handsome sum of money to do score goals. End of story. He missed 3 important chances to score at Nou Camp. Yes, I know scoring is no easy task, but the man´s a professional. Let´s assume it´s ok for him to miss those opportunities… fine, but SHUT UP and do your job!!

  • admin says:

    Certainly Eto’o has been variable during his time at the club, but to blame everything on him seems a bit harsh.

    Yes, that’s what he is paid for and if I had 10 percent of what he is paid I’d have more money than I could spend.

    But the fact is that there is something rotten at the core of Barça. Why is it that their morale is so low.

    Personally I trace it back to Henk Ten Cate departing, I think that Frank Rijkaard replied on him much more than anyone has admitted.