Barça bounces back with big win against Deportivo

April 21, 2016

Well, we all knew that Barcelona’s poor run of matches would come to an end sometime soon and last night was likely to see a win. Less predictable was the style in which that comeback would be, with Suarez scoring a total of four goals and one each from Rakitic, Messi, Bartra and Neymar. Suarez scored the opener 10 minutes into the match, followed by a second 23 minutes into the match off an assist by Messi.

But the hosts can barely have expected what was to come in the second half. Almost as soon as play had restarted Suarez passed to Rakitic, who scored the third of the night. Suarez made his hat-trick off a Messi assist a handful of minutes later and then another 11 minutes after that.

Suarez returned the favour to Messi nine minutes later to make it 6-0. But if you thought that was it for the night you were sorely mistaken. Bartra charged through the Depor defence to put the ball into the net. and two minutes later and with 10 minutes on the clock it was Neymar’s turn to score.

The result must give a boost of morale to the team, who host Sporting Gijon on Saturday. Earlier in the season Barcelona beat Sporting 3-1 and they’ll be looking for another comfortable win this weekend.

0-1 Suárez (min 10)
0-2 Suárez (min 23)
0-3 Rakitic (min 46)
0-4 Suárez (min 52)
0-5 Suárez (min 63)
0-6 Messi (min 72)
0-7 Bartra (min 78)
0-8 Neymar (min 80)

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