Barça face Chelsea in Champions League semifinal

April 15, 2009

While Barcelona drew 1-1 in the away leg of the quarter final against Bayern Munich, thereby securing their expected semifinal place, things were different in England.

Barcelona won 4-0 at the Nou Camp last week, ensuring anything but a miracle for the Germans would see the Catalan club go through. In the end Barça played an uninspired match, and while possession was in their favour it hardly looked like their hearts were in it.

Chelsea v Liverpool was a different matter entirely. After Chelsea’s win at Liverpool it looked like the semifinal was already in the bag. However, Liverpool weren’t at Stamford Bridge for anything but a win and the hard fought battle meant it was touch and go.

Both teams played daring attacking football, but despite Liverpool’s persistence it was Chelsea who go though to play FC Barcelona. The final result was 4-4, with Chelsea winning 7-5 on aggregate.

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