Barça outplays Arsenal to 2-2 draw

April 1, 2010

Barcelona looked like they were going to be a hard act to beat last night at the Emirates stadium in the first leg of the Champions League quarter finals against Arsenal. Within the space of 2 minutes Barcelona had been relentless in their search of the goal and it is a miracle that they didn’t score. In fact Arsenal only seemed to get into the match towards the end of the first half.

The visitors completely dominated, with Arsenal seeming to struggle to know how to respond, but the first half ended goalless all the same.

When the teams came on after the break the match was far more balanced with Barça’s strategy of scoring early having failed. However, Barcelona’s first goal came within a few minutes of the restart, with a goal from Ibrahimovic. And in the 58th minute Ibra scored again, seemingly tying up the result for the Catalans.

However, football doesn’t always work that way and just three minutes later it was Arsenal’s turn to score. Still looking like Barcelona would take the victory back to the Nou Camp, the 83rd minute saw a red card to Puyol and a penalty awarded to Arsenal – a mistake on the ref’s behalf from what I’ve seen.

That gave Arsenal the chance they wanted and immediately equalised to 2-2. Barcelona’s job was now to make sure the held on to that draw for the advantage going into the home leg, but without Puyol and Pique – the latter received another yellow card and will be forced to sit the match out – Barça’s defense will be weak.

All in all a good match to watch, but based on the first few minutes, an unexpected result.

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