Barça recovery shows how it should be done

September 16, 2010

It looked as if it might all go wrong for Barça on Tuesday night when Panathinaikos from Greece scored the first goal of the match, causing the crowd to wonder for a moment whether it would be a repeat of Saturday night’s disaster against Hercules.

However, Messi set things right just a minute later to level the score. And once the goals started they didn’t stop, with more from Villa and Messi again; a lull in the second half and then two more goals from Pedro and Alves. And it could have been more, had Messi not missed a penalty,so all in all a great result that proves Barça should not be written off, especially at such an early stage in the season.

0-1, Govou (min 20)
1-1, Messi (min 21)
2-1, Villa (min 33)
3-1, Messi (min 45)
4-1, Pedro (min 77)
5-1, Alves (min 93)


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