Barça takes Group F top spot from PSG

December 11, 2014

FC Barcelona is on top of Group F after winning their match against Paris Saint-Germain last night at the Nou Camp thanks to goals from Messi, Neymar and Suarez.

The visitors were the first to score with ex-Barça player Ibrahimovic putting the ball past Ter Stegen inside 15 minutes, but Messi equalised soon after set up by Mascherano and Suarez. That goal was Messi’s 75th in the Champions League. Although possession was tipped in Barcelona’s favour, both teams had opportunities but it wasn’t until the closing minutes of the first half that Neymar put the ball into the visitor’s net.

Back on for the second half and with Xavi and Ratikic brought on by Luis Enrique. It wasn’t until the 76th minute that the next goal came. Neymar shot at the PSG goal and Suarez scored off the rebound to effectively seal the win for Barcelona. Both teams came close to scoring again, but the score was to end 3-1 to Barcelona and a very welcome victory.

0-1 Ibrahimovic (min 14)
1-1 Messi (min 18)
2-1 Neymar (min 40)
3-1 Suárez (min 76)

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