Barça’s Champions League dream ended by Atletico Madrid

April 14, 2016

What a turnaround the last 12 days have been for the fortunes of FC Barcelona. First they lost at home to Real Madrid. Then, although they won the first leg of the quarter-finals, they played a tough Champions League match against Atletico Madrid. Then they lost against Real Sociedad, allowing Atletico to close in within three points at the top of the league. And then, last night, Atletico beat Barça 2-0 to go through to the semi-finals 3-2 on aggregate. After a run of 37 games in which they were unbeaten it seems like everything has unravelled and even Messi hasn’t scored in what seems like forever.

Atletico Madrid came on looking eager to score early and strike at the Barcelona goal they did. Barcelona dominated possession throughout, but when it came to scoring they seemed to be holding back. The opener came 35 minutes into the game, when Griezman reached the ball with his head to put Atletico ahead, and as the score stood, through to the next round.

The second half saw the match get even more intense as the Catalans desperately looked for the goal. With 30 minutes remaining it seemed that at any moment it must go Barcelona’s way. But that goal just never came, with Barcelona frustrated time and time again. And then with 10 minutes on the clock Iniesta handled the ball in his own area. Griezmann scored his second from the penalty spot.

With the score 3-2 on aggregate Barcelona still had a chance to force the match to extra time. But when Gabi handled the ball, clearly in the Atletico area, a free kick was given outside the box. Messi kicked, but it went over the top of the goal and despite five minutes of injury time at the end to the match there was just not enough time for Barça to score.

1-0 Griezmann (min 35)
2-0 Griezmann (min 86)

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