Barcelona beats Celtic by a whisker

October 24, 2012

Jordi Alba scored an 11th hour goal to hand Barcelona victory against Celtic last night at the Nou Camp. The Catalans dominated possession, with Celtic barely touching the ball. However, each time Barça tried a move it was intercepted.

Celtic went a goal up in the 17th minute, after which they went out of their way to defend and prevent Barcelona from scoring at all. This largely paid off until the end of the first half when Iniesta scored.

Back after the break it was more of the same, Celtic highly defensive and some scrappy play from the hosts, with Messi never really getting into the match. Villa came on 15 minutes from the end and looked lime he might break the deadlock. But just when it seemed like they would have to share two points with Celtic Jordi Alba put the ball into the net with an Adriano assist.

The result leaves Barcelona at the top of group G on 9 points and an unbeaten record.

0-1 Samaras (min 17)
1-1 Iniesta (min 44)
2-1 Alba (min 94)

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