Barcelona scrapes by against Schalke

April 2, 2008

Barcelona’s Champions League match against Schalke was a disaster, despite the fact that they finished winning 1-0. Bojan seems to be one of the only players to have any substance to him, and it was he who scored in the 12th minute.

However, after scoring Barcelona seemed to relax, and although Schalke aren’t in the same class, they were unlucky not to score before the half time whistle. Back on the pitch for the second 45 minutes, Barcelona seemed to lack energy and focus. Their play was sloppy and nowhere near what they are at their best. They were extremely lucky to walk out off the pitch with a win, as the last few minutes saw Schalke repeatedly attacking the Barça goal. It wasn’t to be though and Barça must await the second leg of the quarter final knowing that they have to do better.

With the team out of the Copa del Rey, dropping into third place in the league and showing such poor skills on pitch, it remains how long Frank Rijkaard can remain at Barcelona. There has been much speculation about his imminent departure, but surely there will be a massive change throughout the club come the end of the season.

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