Champions League: Barcelona beats Dynamo

September 30, 2009

Barcelona took the top spot in Champions League Group F last night after a 2-0 win over Dynamo Kiev.

Despite the two goals from Barça, their killer edge seeming to be missing and much of the 90 minutes lacked excitement. With a strong defence from Dynamo and sluggish attack, it looked for a while like the match was going nowhere – and in minute 20 it looked like it might go the wrong way for Barça.

However, as frequently is the case, Leo Messi pulled something together and minute 25 saw the first goal of the match. With one goal behind them, the squad started to make some impact on the defence, only to be stopped by the keeper;  and then Dynamo got through, only to have it ruled offside .

In the second half Barça stepped up the pace slightly, although they failed to totally dominate as is their norm. Finally it was Pedro who scored the second goal of the match in minute 76, putting all the points beyond the reach of Dynamo and Barça on top of the Group.

1-0 Messi (min 25)
2-0 Pedro (min 75)

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