FC Barcelona qualifies for Champions League

August 28, 2008

Although there should have been little doubt, Barça qualified on Tuesday night after beating Wisla Krakow 4-1 on aggregate.

However, Guardiola has little reason to celebrate as his squad performed poorly. After the 4-0 home win, Barcelona struggled to win Gamper through sheer luck and never quite got together for the away leg of the Champions League qualifier.

Little seems to have changed in how the squad was performing under Frank Rijkaard, which could mean that Barça selected the wrong manager in Pep Guardiola and he is just as poor as Rijkaard, or else he is just as good as Rijkaard and the problem lies elsewhere. Perhaps that is being unfair on Guardiola and he needs to work with his team a little, but the squad should be approaching the start of the new season in better shape than they have displayed in the last 2 matches.

Barça fans are notoriously unforgiving, and so there needs to be a radical improvement soon.

Other news is that Joan Laporta managed to retain his position as club president after a vote by the club’s super delegates.

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  • cameo says:

    some of the players are yet to settle down and play as a unit although a new manager has entered the club this should not affect the players to a great extent the club has world class players and are very capable topping this season’s chart.