Uninspired Barça takes one point against Stuttgart

February 24, 2010

Despite higher possession of the ball during last night’s Champions League match against Stuttgart, FC Barcelona gave the impression of a team struggling to get things together. Apart from Messi testing the German defence a couple of times early on, Barcelona did very little of note during the first half; in fact both sides played uninspired football that was uninteresting to watch.

Despite Stuttgart’s lower possession it was the home team who did most with the ball, going at the Barcelona goal again and again. And of course the inevitable happened at 25 minutes with a header from Cacau.

Returning to the pitch after half time, Barcelona had used the break to pull themselves together, resulting in a much more interesting game. Their dominance was not unrewarded for long with a 52nd minute equaliser from Ibrahimovic. However, the rejuvenated visitors were unable to put away another goal to give them the away win they would have wanted.

Barcelona now have the advantage going into the home leg. With an away goal and one point from the match, let’s hope they show better form on 17th March at the Nou Camp.

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1-0 Cacau (min 25)
1-1 Ibrahimovic (min 52)

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