Victory against Sevilla

September 24, 2007

Barcelona’s first real test of the league came on Saturday night when Sevilla made it’s annual visit to the Nou Camp. The stadium today celebrates its 50th anniversary of inauguration, which were celebrated on Saturday night by the presentation by Norman Foster of his plans for the remodelling of the stadium.

While both expansion and shelter from the elements is definitely required, Foster’s plans to change the outward appearance of one of Barcelona’s iconic landmarks is not necessary and akin to remodelling the Sagrada Familia to straighten up all of those curves, something which we do not support at all.

The man of the match, as usual, was Lionel Messi who scored Barcelona’s 2 goals and it was late in the match when Sevilla scored. Ronaldinho was not played on Saturday due to a slight injury and the team didn’t quite click, so although this was an important victory it is important to remember that the team has a lot of work to get back to top form.

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