Leo Messi playing at the Olympics – or not

July 30, 2008

“Barcelona continues with its stance of not wanting to let me go and I understand it,” Messi said. “But I also think they have to understand that my dream is to take part in the Olympic Games with the national team.”

Sometimes it’s hard to fully understand the thought processes that go on in the heads of Barcelona’s management team, and the attempts to block Lionel Messi from playing for Argentina in the Beijing Olympics is one.

Messi announced earlier this year that he wanted to play in the Olympics, because it could be his only chance. However, Barcelona seem intent to alienate their star player by preventing him from doing exactly that. They did requrest for FIFA to make a decision, although FIFA had already done so in stating their policy that tems have to let anyone under the age of 23 play in the Olympics.

Today FIFA has announced at a hearing that FC Barcelona must let Messi play, but of course Barcelona are now going to appeal this decision.

While there is some risk of injury to the young Argentinian, surely Barcelona wants to keep his moral up at the same level it has been during this last tricky year. If they think it is all about forcing their players to do what they want they really have no idea about the dynamics of a team and deserve to fall flat on their faces.

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