Food & drink at Camp Nou

Depending on the time of the match you may want to grab something to eat while at Camp Nou. Here we take a look at what you can get there as well as some of the customs of the locals.

Camp Nou

With kickoff times varying wildly, you may find yourself watching a match where it’s a bit too early to eat before the match but a bit too late afterwards. The obvious answer is to eat at the stadium, which is what many locals will do.

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Fans often take in long sandwiches wrapped in foil to eat during the match if they can’t wait, or during the break. You can buy sandwiches from bars near the stadium and they’ll probably ask if you want to eat in or take away. Bear in mind that although you’re allowed to take food in you can’t take in cans and bottle lids must be removed. Although you can take bags into the stadium they usually check them.

Of course there is food available at the stadium, although you pay a premium. Two popular items are sandwiches with botifarra sausage or hotdogs. The botifarra sandwiches are served in baguettes subbed with tomato, salted and drizzled with olive oil. They are a much tastier alternative to the hotdogs and typically found in bars all over Barcelona and Catalonia.

The problem with them is that they get really busy at half time and you may miss the start of the second half. I remember one particular match when they only started cooking the food once half time had started, which meant that those at the front of the ever growing queue of hungry spectators had to wait around ten minutes to be served. I can’t imagine how long those at the back waited before being served.

There are also drinks served both in bars and by mobile servers who wander the terraces. These are more expensive than the bars and although they serve beer you should be aware that it in non-alcoholic. They don’t tend to tell you that though.

You may also see locals chomping on salted pine nuts in their shells. They break the shells with their teeth and discard them on the floor before eating the tiny nut. By the end of the match you’ll often see a pile of pine nut shells on the floor where they were sitting. Pumpkin seeds are also often eaten in the same way.