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Barcelona beats Club Leon in 2014 Gamper Trophy

August 19th, 2014

Messi opened the scoring for FC Barcelona last night when the Catalans played their first home match under Luis Enrique and the new look Barça was officially introduced.

With many locals away on holiday, the stadium was rather empty and many in the crowd tourists. However, that didn’t stop Barça from putting in a show for everyone who attended. As well as the Messi opener, Neymar scored two and Munir, up from Barça B scored two more. The final goal of the match was scored by Sandro Ramírez just a couple of minutes from the end,

The match also marked the debut of Luis Suarez, controversially signed after biting a player during the World Cup in Brazil. While he can play in friendly matches, his suspension will see him out of action for the start of the season. He had better do more than he did last night to justify the amount spent on him though.

1-0 Messi (min 2)
2-0 Neymar (min 11)
3-0 Neymar (min 43)
4-0 Munir (min 53)
5-0 Munir (min 76)
6-0 Sandro Ramírez (min 88)

FC Barcelona fixtures: August 2012

August 1st, 2012

Barcelona has a number of friendly fixtures lined up for August prior to the football getting serious again. And when it does, it gets really serious; two matches against Real Madrid in the Spanish Supercup.

Below is listed all matches currently scheduled for August, bearing in mind that league match dates may not be confirmed until a week before they take place.

Tickets for any of the home matches below can be ordered from Simply Barcelona Tickets, as well as the away leg of the Spanish Supercup on 30th August.

4 AugParis Sant-Germain v Barcelona
8 AugManchester United v Barcelona
11 AugDinamo v Barcelona
18/19 AugBarcelona v Real Sociedad
20 AugBarcelona v Sampdoria
23 AugBarcelona v Real Madrid
25/26 AugOsasuna v Barcelona
30 AugReal Madrid v Barcelona

For all other matches in the forthcoming season, please see the homepage.

FC Barcelona tickets now on sale for August matches

June 29th, 2012

Simply Barcelona Tickets now has tickets available for the Gamper Trophy and the Nou Camp leg of the Spanish Supercup in August.

The Gamper Trophy is an competition played each August at the Nou Camp that this year sees Italian club Sampdoria as guests. The date marks the 20th anniversary of Sampdoria’s defeat at the hands of Barça in the 1992 Champions League final, played at Wembley.

Two or three days later comes the Spanish Supercup, which will see another clasico. This time Tito Vilanova will be in the driving seat against Jose Mourinho, but you can expect fireworks from the Portuguese coach all the same. The two had a bust up last year, when Mourinho attacked Vilanova, pushing his thumb into the Catalan’s eye.

The date and time of this match will be confirmed at a later date, but you can buy tickets for both matches here.

Barcelona beats Napoli in Gamper trophy

August 25th, 2011

FC Barcelona resoundingly beat SSC Napoli on Monday night in a match that saw Cesc Fabregas score his first goal for the club.The annual cup between FC Barcelona is an invitation match that brings some of the world’s top teams to the Nou Camp.

This year the Gamper Trophy was between two potential Champions League rivals and showed that following  Barça’a defeat of Real Madrid in the Spanish Supercup they aren’t taking any prisioners.

The match saw a feast of goals for the Catalans and as well as Cesc’s first goal Leo Messi scored twice. With the player’s strike having postponed the first match of the league last week, there was the threat that the same would happen to the first home match of the season on Monday 29th against Villarreal.

Luckily the two sides have reached agreement and that will go ahead; before that Barça faces Porto in the European Supercup on Friday, which is being played in  Monaco.

1-0 Cesc (min 25)
2-0 Keita (min 31)
3-0 Pedro (min 61)
4-0 Messi (min 65)
5-o Messi (min 77)

Ronaldinho returning to Barcelona!

July 5th, 2010

If you’re looking for details of next season’s fixtures then you don’t have much longer to wait.

I’m expecting the draw it at the end of next week and will email you as soon as I have details – I’m in the middle of moving house at the moment so chaos rules, but thanks to the magic of a laptop plus Vodafone I can work from anywhere! You will get that email…

I’ve already sent you details of the Spanish Supercup to be played against Sevilla in August. The home leg will be played on 21/22 August at the Nou Camp:
Spanish Supercup 2010

But I’ve got some more news for you… Ronaldinho is returning to Barcelona!

It’s just for one night though, and it’s with his current club, AC Milan. The Italian club has been invited to play in the annual Gamper Trophy, an invitation event named after the founder of FC Barcelona.

I don’t have prices yet, but you’ll see them at the link below sometime this week:
Gamper Trophy 2010

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